Lines for wax foundation production

Wax Foundations production line 1a


Linija za izradu satnih osnova nova

Linija za izradu satnih osnova nova 2a

On demand we produce complete automatic lines for wax foundations production.

Our complete automatic line for wax foundations production contains:

-Machine for wax foundation production, with rollers, hot rolling method, capacity of 40kg/h, 

rollers dimensions are 750x170mm, cell size can be chosen,

capacity of small duplicator on top of the machine is 50L, the length of the wax foundation

is set on the counter on the electronic box, and width of the wax foundations is set with small 

round cutting knives, so any dimension on the wax foundation can be made on the machine,

Chiller for cooling water for the rollers, meaning you can work in any environment, 

you do not depend on the outside temperature,

Duplicator for wax, 300L, with digital thermal regulation and three layer insulation, made completely of INOX 304,

and it has 2 x 6kW heaters inside, 

Worktable INOX. 

Also there are options with automatic wax dosage with wax duplicators on top on INOX stand with stairs. 


Here you can see our lines for wax foundation production that have been installed throughout Europe.

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