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Company Techtron D.O.O. Laser cutting services

Techtron DOO, a company with many years of experience, offers laser cutting services for sheets, round, square and elliptical pipes, as well as L and LPG profiles. Cutting is done on a machine of the latest generation, with a power of 6.6 kW.

Modern software enables maximum efficiency, perfect cut quality as well as optimization that provides excellent fitting of parts for maximum utilization of sheets or pipes. The maximum working area is 3000mm x 1500mm for sheets as well as 6000mm for pipes or profiles, where the rest (<300mm) is reserved for accepting pipes or profiles. 



Laser cutting of sheets

Sheet metal cutting is done on two interchangeable tables, while one is used for cutting, the other is used for preparation, so that the efficiency is as high as possible. Sheets are placed on the laser using pneumatic jacks to avoid any damage. Maximum cutting thicknesses are 25mm for carbon steel and similar alloys (S235, S355, Hardox) and 15mm for stainless steel, i.e. Inox.

Lasersko sečenje limova slika 1 Lasersko sečenje limova slika 2 Lasersko sečenje limova slika 4 Lasersko sečenje limova slika 13

Lasersko sečenje limova slika 7 Lasersko sečenje limova slika 8 Lasersko sečenje limova slika 9Lasersko sečenje limova slika 11




Laser cutting of pipes

Pipe cutting is done on a special part of the machine that can cut pipes from min 20mm x 20mm or Ø 20mm up to Ø 210mm or box profiles that are no more than 210mm in their diagonal. Cutting is done quickly and efficiently with thin-walled pipes, special benefits during cutting avoid overheating of the pipe as well as deformation, also with thick-walled pipes it provides the possibility of maximum precision and efficiency when cutting. The laser can cut box, round, oval and elliptical pipes, while it has the ability to cut L and LPG profiles.

 Lasersko sečenje cevi slika 1 Lasersko sečenje cevi slika 2 Lasersko sečenje cevi slika 15 Lasersko sečenje cevi slika 4

Lasersko sečenje cevi slika 17 Lasersko sečenje cevi slika 9 Lasersko sečenje cevi slika 11 Lasersko sečenje cevi slika 13










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